February 2017

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Another german punk hardcore classic, MANIACS/ TIN CAN ARMY – Split LP will be official re-released on POWER IT UP in 2017. The repress include a nice booklet with original material plus a lot of new pictures and liner notes from both bands.
Finally we got our part from the ne Artcore Magazine, so if you need a copy send your order via www.power-it-up.de or send a mail to mailorder@power-it-up.de
Here are the POWER IT UP Editions from the INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape – The Beginning LP DON’T ASK FOR PRICES
VICIOUS CIRCLE – Rhyme with Reason/ Into the Void 2x LP ENDLESS DEMISE/ PODRIDO Split EP
VICIOUS CIRCLE – The Price Of Progress/ Reflections 2x LP INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape- The Beginning LP EMILS – Demo’ 87 EP