ROT – Old Dirty Grindcores II” 2xCD

ROT – The masterpiece of brazilian grindcore         

The “old dirty grindcores” contains the complete studio material recorded between 1991 and 2007. The material from CD 1 recorded between 1998 and 2007 include tracks from seven split 7” EP’s, two split CD’s and the titles from a split 10”. Also 7 tracks unreleased bonus material. The second CD from this classic release contains the old material from the 1991 until 1997. You will find the tracks from five Split 7” EP’s, from a split 10”, three EP’s and compilation tracks. All together 150 songs of raw grindcore. They perpetuate the great tradition of old school grind/hardcore like Siege/ old Napalm Death/ old Agathocles without any compromise. These guys sure can grind. Go and get these fucking awesome double CD!!!

PIU 162 ROT Old Dirty Grindcores 2xCDklein

GOMORRHA – Kopf in Ketten EP now ready to send!!!!

GOMORRHA – Kopf in Ketten EP 

Limited DIEHARD EDITION in transparent blue vinyl!!
After 15 years, GOMORRHA are back again.
And they are really interested to doing a new EP. The band (few of them are now in CALIBAN, SRTK and BLOODATTACK) enter the Nemesis Studios by Marc Görtz early 2015 for 3 weeks and recording 4 infernal new tracks in the same intention as years ago. The recordings are similar to bands like Pig Destroyer, Assück or Phobia taken … so nothing else we all those years ago.
Release date 13.11.2015

Limited DIEHARD EDITION in transparent blue vinyl!!

!PIU 175 gomorrha_3D_limited