EMILS – Demo ’87 EP now available for presale

EMILS – Demo ’87 EP 

Limited DIEHARD EDITION in violet vinyl!!
The mid-80s there were these rumors about a new band from Hamburg. Were behind the EMILS perhaps SLIME? If you read the band name from back to front, then these rumors get natural food. And the spelling of the band lettering was very inspired by SLIME. But in the end that was nonsense, of course. There were no overlaps. The mid-80s began the first german bands to orient themselves on Ami-Hardcore. SPERMBIRDS, Skeezicks, Jingo De Lunch, H.O.A, UNWANTED YOUTH, SOS. The EMILS crossed on their demo hardcore punk and also metal. D.R.I. had just invented the crossover. The EMILS quickly became popular. Also because they had German lyrics, which were also very critical and directly and did not mince his words. They were directed for example against the Church, Neo-Nazis, nuclear power (Chernobyl was just explodes), compliance and also against the stupidity in the own scene. Early 1987 they recorded the legendary 5 track demo at the “Dissenter Studios”. This is the first time you will get these tracks are on vinyl. The cover comes with the original Demo Cover Artwork,

DIE HARD EDITION is limited to 100 copies in violet vinyl with different fron cover


PIU 226 emils_3D_limited_neu



GOMORRHA – Kopf in Ketten EP now ready to send!!!!

GOMORRHA – Kopf in Ketten EP 

Limited DIEHARD EDITION in transparent blue vinyl!!
After 15 years, GOMORRHA are back again.
And they are really interested to doing a new EP. The band (few of them are now in CALIBAN, SRTK and BLOODATTACK) enter the Nemesis Studios by Marc Görtz early 2015 for 3 weeks and recording 4 infernal new tracks in the same intention as years ago. The recordings are similar to bands like Pig Destroyer, Assück or Phobia taken … so nothing else we all those years ago.
Release date 13.11.2015

Limited DIEHARD EDITION in transparent blue vinyl!!

!PIU 175 gomorrha_3D_limited



V.A.-Spazzin’ To The Oldies-LP

This compilation pays tribute to power-violence legends SPAZZ. The band formed in 1992 in Redwood city, California and have gone on to inspire bands all around the world. 26 bands from 14 different countries have covered songs from various Spazz releases to create what we hope is a fitting tribute to a hugely inovative and inspirational band. Bands – Horsebastard (uk), Godhole (uk), Gets Worse (uk), Endless Swarm (uk), Boak (uk), Brainshit (uk), Chinsniffer (uk), Nothing Clean (uk), Fetus Christ (uk), Chulo (colombia), Sordo (usa), OSK (canada), Chiens (france), Catarro (brazil), God’s America (usa), Bleed the Pigs (usa), INTHESHIT (usa), xKatexMoshx (italy), Captain Caveman (germany), Sete Star Sept (japan), Teething (spain), Higgs Boson (norway), PowerXchuck (australia), ANF (italy), Purge (usa), Faršas (lithuania) ……… – limited to 500 copies, black vinyl with printed insert



DE BLENDERS: Belgian impro noisecore AGATHOCLES: Belgian mincecore legends

MARGINAL-Chaos And Anarchy-LP

Their second LP , great deathcrust from Belgium


SICK OF STUPIDITY-One Shot, One Kill-10″

Formed by an ex-member of Jesus Cröst this new Holland squad is called Sick Of Stupidity. Aggressive, brutal, grindcore/power violence slaughter we will decidedly hear about next year. Get ready for a blastbeat heaven! 11 new sonx...



Swedish-Japanese fastcore split release. 10 tracks on 10 inch vinyl.



ANXIETY DISORDER: speedgrind from Belgium SETE STAR SEPT: noisegrind from Japan



PRISONER 639: noisy bass&drums powerviolence duo from the UK and Belgium GORGONIZED DORKS: noisecore from California




Yacopsae & Razors (Power It Up)

It appears to be quite a task to find the right words each time I think about doing another review, but I’ll try anyway!:) 
“Hey punks! Get your worn out stuff, put on your mohawks, and let’s go kick some ass!” These words wouldn’t feel out of place, when you talk about this split album! It has two live records by old German punks, it should be noted that there were two versions done for this split, the CD version has rather simplier design, unlike superb execution of vinyl limited edition, I’m not exactly sure what was the reasons behind such decision, I guess it s up to guys from “Power it up”. 
The split opens with very old german punk band Razors! I must admit, I haven’t heard them prior to this moment. Well, sometimes it proves to be very useful to discover some previously unknown bands. These guys keep up the good vibe, you’re going to hear a tons of old school punk rock straight from the 80s. I was immediately struck with associations such as an old dank cellar club, with some obscene writings on the walls pasted with flyers and posters – a true spirit of good ol’ times!!! 
However, I was really surprised when it came to their peers in Yacopsae. I got used to the fact that they play fairly fast, in fact fast enough to set a couple of towns on fire! But, here… We can observe some slow material, it is borderline sludge, little bit reminiscent of Man is the Bastard. Nevertheless, I liked it quite a lot, such a dirty yet thick sound, and it only last for 7 minutes. This length makes a material rather perfect for the listener, for it isn’t very long and not boring at all!
It is also should be noted, that these performances were recorded with the soundboard, making the whole thing very audible! 


013-Takaisin Todellisuuteen-LP + 7″

013 were short-lived but hugely influential and full of cult potential. The three-piece from Pukkila, Finland, partook in the Propaganda EP in 1981 (reissued by Svart in 2013) and the legendary Russia Bombs Finland compilation LP the following year. The band’s only standalone release, the LP Takaisin todellisuuteen, was released on Propaganda Records in 1983, and the band split up shortly after. Original copies change hands for hundreds of dollars these days. The Svart reissue presents the album as close to the original as possible, and expands the original artwork into a gatefold, also adding a bonus 7″ inch, which contains compilation tracks, thus making this release a complete 013 discography.



Just two years after the previous album Musta Hetki, Finland’s long-running hardcore powerhouse Terveet Kädet return with Lapin Helvetti. Terveet Kädet have come a long way since the ungodly racket leader Läjä and his bandmates churned out in Tornio, Lapland in 1980, but the northern furor shows no signs of slowing down. Named mentor by bands like Sepultura, Terveet Kädet’s current lineup features singer Läjä with guitarist Ilari, bassist Jani and drummer Aki. Lapin Helvetti (“The Hell of Lapland”) dives, as can be expected, headlong into the netherworld and bangs on the gates of hell. Hellish Lapland is filled with 18 tales about the fear of death, estrangement, human frailty and illnesses of the mind.



The half-studio / half-live LP Black God / Musta jumala was released in Brazil and Germany in 1984 but hasn’t been available in its original form in 30 years The Svart reissue presents the album just as it was 30 years ago: black and white covers, no extra track gaps or omissions, no extra songs or alternate versions. Also features a 8 page booklet with liner notes, photos and clippings.



Ever since the 1980 privately pressed EP “Khomeini Rock”, Rattus have been a driving force in the Finnish punk scene and largely responsible – along with Kaaos and Terveet Kädet – for bringing some international renown to their particular sub-genre. After spending the nineties in oblivion the band reformed in 2003 and released a self-titled album in 2005, which, even though the band had released a notable amount of material on 12 and 7 inch wax in their heyday, was actually their first proper album. The year 2013 sees the band back in full swing, with new vocalist Jopo Rantanen injecting some fresh blood into the hardcore power trio. The band have recently completed long tours in North and South America and spent the summer recording their new LP. The album is called “Turta” (Numb). Svart Records, who recently reissued the band’s classic 12 inch EPs “WC räjähtää” and “Uskonto on vaara”, continue working with the band and bring the new 14-track platter to the world on December 5th. The LP’s striking cover art was created by Irish artist Sean Fitzgerald.


NATO-Korjaa kaiken-LP

Complete recordings by the early Helsinki area based punk rock band NATO, well known as the first band of Jore Vastelin (Musta Paraati, Silmät, Nolla Nolla Nolla…), who played drums in the band early on. Features the demos and also tracks taken from compilation 7″ EPs Pultti and Propaganda.




After more than a decade sharpening their thermonuclear killing skills, these two long-running megapowers of underground grindcore finally collide in a spectacular display of insane speed and power! Revel in the radioactive glory of unrestrained grinding slaughter as your turn table becomes ground zero! Japan’s sewer-bursting grind mutants MORTALIZED launch a hellish half-a-slab of dastardly death rockets while Australian ultracore wankers THE KILL return fire with another brain-broiling barrage of their infamously fast-as-fuck thrash-infused grindcore! Brace yourself for a quick but satisfying death.



Two Japanese grindcore megaforces join together to just destroy your stylus. Brand new material from both bands.


UNHOLY GRAVE-Fake World-7″

Japan’s raw grind gods are back with a full 7″EP. 9 tracks recorded at Holiday Nagoya back in 2009. Unholy Grave have been grinding for over 20 years now and havn’t lost a bit of their edge. Respect the masters!



New York’s MALIGNANCY play an extremely intense blend of technical death-metal and grindcore loaded with pinch harmonics and slam parts. This is their most recent release in the form of a 7″ single with a new song on the A-side and an ATROCITY cover on the B-side.