Yacopsae & Razors (Power It Up)

It appears to be quite a task to find the right words each time I think about doing another review, but I’ll try anyway!:) 
“Hey punks! Get your worn out stuff, put on your mohawks, and let’s go kick some ass!” These words wouldn’t feel out of place, when you talk about this split album! It has two live records by old German punks, it should be noted that there were two versions done for this split, the CD version has rather simplier design, unlike superb execution of vinyl limited edition, I’m not exactly sure what was the reasons behind such decision, I guess it s up to guys from “Power it up”. 
The split opens with very old german punk band Razors! I must admit, I haven’t heard them prior to this moment. Well, sometimes it proves to be very useful to discover some previously unknown bands. These guys keep up the good vibe, you’re going to hear a tons of old school punk rock straight from the 80s. I was immediately struck with associations such as an old dank cellar club, with some obscene writings on the walls pasted with flyers and posters – a true spirit of good ol’ times!!! 
However, I was really surprised when it came to their peers in Yacopsae. I got used to the fact that they play fairly fast, in fact fast enough to set a couple of towns on fire! But, here… We can observe some slow material, it is borderline sludge, little bit reminiscent of Man is the Bastard. Nevertheless, I liked it quite a lot, such a dirty yet thick sound, and it only last for 7 minutes. This length makes a material rather perfect for the listener, for it isn’t very long and not boring at all!
It is also should be noted, that these performances were recorded with the soundboard, making the whole thing very audible!