April 2016

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Some more news from our upcoming titles Vicious Circle – Price Of Progress/ Reflections 2x LP, The first pressing is limited to 500 copies in red vinyl. Release date is planned for September / Oktober 2016.   
Napalm Death – Utilitarian  2x 10” + Bonus 7” The 2012 album Utilitarian from the legendary UK Grinders now reissued on double 10” plus bonus 7” via Power It Up, comes in a heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve with slightly different artwork. Here the different pressings: 100 copies compact red vinyl (PIU Mailorder ) SOLD OUT …
We got a bunch of tapes these days, send your order to mailorder@power-it-up.de .  
PERDITION  Not Just Antother Anthology  CD (now available) The material are taken from the ‘Intoxicated’ EP, ‘How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk’ LP, ‘A Positive Alternative To Torture’ tape & 3 songs from ‘At War’. really intersting booklet with notes anf massive information. http://www.power-it-up.de/perdition_-_not_just_antother_anthology_-_cd/s8000_pro9896/index.htm
Finally we got these days the Cover from these upcoming release. Testpressing we got few weeks ago. Now we wait only for the shipping date from the pressing plant.
Yesterday we received the EP cover for the upcomg SANITYS DAWN EP. I think it looks very good. Next thing will be the testpressing in a few days.  
Got the parcel from Artcore, the weekend information for me
Here are more information around the upcoming Releases. Right now we finished the Coverartwork for the first part of the VICIOUS CIRCLE – Price Of Progress/ Refection 2 x LP