July 2016

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Yesterday we received  the VICIOUS CIRCLE Price Of Progress/ Reflection Cover,  uncoated sleeve with matt Lamination, looks very good,
NOW AVAILABLE/ UP FOR SALE The YACÖPSAE – Gästezimmer 8″ EP is now availalbe, send your order to www.power-it-up.de http://www.power-it-up.de/yacpsae_-_gstezimmer_die_hard_edition_-_8/s8000_pro10013/index.htm or the regular black edition http://www.power-it-up.de/yacpsae_-_gstezimmer_-_8/s8000_pro10007/index.htm  
The following titles you will get exclusive at the POWER IT UP distro tent. SANITY DAWN – The Violent Type 7″ EP  DIEHARD in white vinyl YACÖPSAE – Gästezimmer 8″ EP; DIEHARD aside/bside vinyl  – bone /aqua blue vinyl DISORDER/ AGATHOCLES – Split LP  DIEHARD ornage/clear vinyl all DIEHARD pressings limited to only 100 copies (Don’t ask …
DISORDER/ AGATHOCLES – Split LP The DIE HARD EDITION is limited to 100 copies Check the link for more details http://www.power-it-up.de/disorder_agathocles_-_split_die_hard_edition_-_lp/s8000_pro9989/index.htm here are the details for the black edition http://www.power-it-up.de/disorder_agathocles_-_split_-_lp/s8000_pro5061/index.htm
SANITYS DAWN . The Violent Type 7″ EP The DIE HARD EDITION is limited to 100 copies, regular edition comes in black vinyl Check the link for more details http://www.power-it-up.de/sanitys_dawn_-_the_violent_type_die_hard_edition_-_7/s8000_pro9973/index.htm