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EMILS – Demo ’87 EP (White Edition) The mid-80s there were these rumors about a new band from Hamburg. Were behind the EMILS perhaps SLIME? If you read the band name from back to front, then these rumors get natural food. And the spelling of the band lettering was very inspired by SLIME. But in …
Another german punk hardcore classic, MANIACS/ TIN CAN ARMY – Split LP will be official re-released on POWER IT UP in 2017. The repress include a nice booklet with original material plus a lot of new pictures and liner notes from both bands.
Here are the POWER IT UP Editions from the INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape – The Beginning LP DON’T ASK FOR PRICES
VICIOUS CIRCLE – Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void 2 x LP Here are some more details for our upcoming Volume 3 for the Australian Punk and Hardcore history. We got these days the Cover, booklet and the sticker, so please take a look for the nice infos. Pre Order starting soon.
POWER IT UP offer a huge merchandise sale from today until first of Januar 2017. More than 900 merchandise title up for sale!!!! Shirts for 7,5 Euro/ Zipper for 19,0 Euro so check out our shop for more details at www.power-it-up.de
The second pressing from the INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape – the Beginning LP is now available again in black vinyl
Here is the first review for the  16 BLASARE UTAN HJÄRNA – Vi Ska Ga Till Botten Med Det Här LP, (OX Magazine 129)
Here is the PODRIDO picture. The limited version is limited to only 100 copies in clear red vinyl 
16 BLASARE UTAN HJÄRNA – Title Vi Ska Ga Till Botten Med Det Här LP 16 B.U.H. was formed in 1986 in a small Swedish town called Tranås, with members from RÖVSVETT, REARESPIRATOR among others. Löken played guitar, Mange handled the vocals, Frank the drums and Jimpa, the man who coined the phrase “käng”, played …
Here is the Plastic Bomb review for the Vicious Circle – The Price Of Progress/ Reflections 2xLP