Many folks know this band. Some bump their music reverently, some’ve popped boring,some collect their releases while not listening to them.
Whatever the case,today i am checking out fresh CD of old stagers from within belgian underground(this year they’re turning 30,this is beyond a joke!). 
I guess «sometimes they come back» is quiet suitable to this release, hehe. It has been 18 years since the moment it was issued! 
(Well, if you surf the pages thoroughly, you will find the original CD beeing sold at good price. But that is another book.) 

The release was re-energised by a german label – Power it Up, 
firstly in the form of LP and later CD-type (brand-new). You may ask: why on earth do they reissue the material and port it to CD again, if the original one is in access? Fair enough. I am launching into explaining that the original CD combines tracks from only two splits (with Drudge and Lunatic Invasion), and when reissued, there’ve been added tracks from olden split with Averno! 

The booklet is aswarm with old posters, lyrics and flabbergasting
descriptive note of Jan Frederick himself, commenting on these recordings. Taking a plunge into this CD playing, you get 34 tracks of 100% Agathocles’ raw noise! The rate of rawness and noise depends on varying blocks of recording time, but it’s impossible to miss Agathocles’ sound out! 
Needless to underline that the CD runs the gamut of their old recordings – from ’89 to ’93. 

So, the fans of early Agathocles can surely wax euphoric about this material. Hehe!

Rating: 7/10      



AGATHOCLES-The LP’s -1989 – 1993 CD

AGATHOCLES-The LP’s -1989 – 1991 LP

AGATHOCLES-The LP’s -1989 – 1991 (DIE HARD Edition) LP


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