GOOD GUYS GOES GRIND Entrails Massacre Review

Entrails Massacre – Alienation Anarchism (Power it Up)

For a simple everyman good ol’ Germany will always be a vast silent island in the middle of European boiling whirlwind, world’s leader in making beer and cars. But this silence is only an illusion, and you wanna know why? Because Entrails Massacre, that’s why! Last couple years this band was very active and released an album and some splits. This year they made a new EP called Alienation Anarchism… Released by well-know and respected label Power It Up. 7 murderous tracks fits a pretty rare and unusual format, 6-inch vinyl! To be honest, I like to keep this vinyl in my hands. By the way, for the diehard fans Power It Up also eeleased DIEHARD Edition colored brown! Looks really great and stylish, I didn’t expect to see that. I don’t even know where should I start, ’cause it’s a pretty weird art: a hand holding an eye, cemetery and pentagrams on the background… I’m pretty sure that I’m wrong but it looks like a parody on Mason pyramid and All-Seeing Eye above. On the back side is a character reminding me of the citizens of Silent Hill, hehehe!
Everyone who listened to their previous album need no words to know what will they get with this record, ’cause it’s already obvious that this band knows how to ram your brains outta your head!