YACØPSAE/ CORROSIVE – Verfaulte Durchschauung (Collectors Pack)

COLLECTORS PACK –SHIPPING DATE: April 2nd— “Two of Germanys’ senior “in-your-face” bands meet on this Split 6inch EP.

Hamburgs’ YACØPSAE, on the one hand, deliver two of their most smashing highspeed wreckingball tracks. On the other, CORROSIVE from the Black Forest fire away two slow down power violence handgranades for your pleasure.

Awesome shit! Here are the pressing facts DIE HARD EDITION 102 copies limited 7″ EP with stamped labels and handmade 7″ EP sleeves, all copies hand numbered RECORD STORE EDITION 200 copies compact yellow vinyl 6″ EP comes with hand numbered sticker REGULAR EDITION 300 copies black vinyl 6″ EP For collectors only the COLLECTOR Pack Contains the limited black 7″ EP, the regular black 6″ and the compact yellow 6″ EP (Record Store Edition).

The DIE HARD Pack is only available from March 1st until March 31st and is limited to only 82 copies. The Record store Edition is only available as COLLECTORS Pack or later at your local record store. SHIPPING DATE: April 2nd

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