June 2016

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DISORDER/ AGATHOCLES – Split LP The DIE HARD EDITION is limited to 100 copies Check the link for more details http://www.power-it-up.de/disorder_agathocles_-_split_die_hard_edition_-_lp/s8000_pro9989/index.htm
ready for presale. SANITYS DAWN . The Violent Type 7″ EP The DIE HARD EDITION is limited to 100 copies Check the link for more details http://www.power-it-up.de/sanitys_dawn_-_the_violent_type_die_hard_edition_-_7/s8000_pro9973/index.htm
DISORDER/ AGATHOCLES Split LP Ready for Preorder limited DIE HARD VERSION you can send your order to www.power-it-up.de
OUT next on POWER IT UP the longer than expected vinyl version from the GÄSTEZIMMER CD. Almost 25 years of YACØPSÆ … Time for a tribute? Not at all! The band still like the AMEBIX slogan: “No gods, no masters”! Nevertheless, YACØPSÆ was always well-known for brewing out some freaky ideas (just check their huge output …
Here is the review from the OX Magazine
NAPALM DEATH Utilitarian 2 x 10″ NAPALM DEATH Utilitarian Bonus EP Get your copy at mailorder@power-it-up.de
Germany’s fastcore band No. 1 SANITYS DAWN founded in the early 90s. Well known after several worldwide releases (several albums and split releases, with bands like EXHUMED, MAGRUDERGRIND, YACÖPSAE, NYCTOPHOBIC etc.) After 8 years of waiting they recorded six new songs of Braincrushing FastCore Madness for the current EP. Although one can say, even after …
Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few ‘big’ names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The LP contains their live recordings from the Sneek Festival Gig in april 2014 raw and very intense. Nine tracks of traditional UK noisepunk. Legendary Show!!!! No more words needed!!!!!!!!!! The other side …