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VICIOUS CIRCLE – The Price Of Progress/ Reflections 2x LP INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape- The Beginning LP EMILS – Demo’ 87 EP  
Now available, shipping next friday VICIOUS CIRCLE – Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void 2xLP, use the following link for your order
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Here is the PODRIDO picture. The limited version is limited to only 100 copies in clear red vinyl 
Few days ago the testpressing for the  ENDLESS DEMISE/ PODRIDO Split EP  arrived. 
The MRR review for the INFERNO – Anti Hagenbach Tape – The beginning LP
The review from the DISORDER/ AGATHATOCLES – Split LP
Here is the actual Trust Magazine review for the SANITYS DAWN – The Violent Type 7″ EP